Hello Crafty Friends! On June 18th I held a virtual workshop for my final Challenge for Altenew’s Educator Certification Program (AECP). I had 8 wonderful crafters join me to learn fun techniques to use with the embossing folders that come in the Craft Your Life Project Kits. This workshop was designed for all level of card makers and although there were participants from around the globe, it felt like we were all in the same room crafting together. We met on Zoom and everyone was allowed to ask questions, make comments and share their progress as we went through 3 different techniques before finishing 3 cards. While some participants used the same Craft Your Life Kit as I did, Feathered Lilies, some used other kits that they had. Everyone’s cards turned out beautifully.

Card Designs for the Workshop

My AECP journey began in late summer of 2020. I had recently fallen in love with the floral images that Altenew does so very well. I stumbled upon the educator program on their website and decided to apply. I had recently lost my 91 year old mother, so I did this in her memory. Her and I shared the love of card making and paper crafting. She actually made her own Christmas cards until her late 80’s. She had a passion for her flower garden so Altenew fit perfectly.

Card Technique #1: Scribble and Emboss

It took several weeks to prepare for this workshop. I had to begin with a concept and make card samples to get the workshop idea approved. Then I used Facebook, Instagram and my blog to get participants to sign up. I sent emails with supply lists, instructions, and reminders to all the participants.

I have been making cards since 2000 and going through all the different classes in the program, helped to refresh some techniques that I had not used in a while and learn many new ones. All the tips and tricks from the very talented instructors, were invaluable. I enjoyed every class and each level’s final challenge.

Card Technique #2: Emboss and Stencil

The technology I needed to learn (and still am) for the program was really outside my comfort zone. I truly grew by stepping out of my comfort zone. I can see so many changes in my blog, picture taking, and card design over the last couple of years. Although the technology still scares me and I stumble through a lot of it, I am so thankful for what I have learned.

For this workshop, I had to figure out Zoom and having two cameras on my end. Plus there is a lot to Zoom that took me some time to figure out. I am thankful for Erum Tasneem and Virginia Lu, who oversee the AECP, for all of their help. They were there to answer every question I had and helped guide me to have a successful workshop. Also Bridget Casey, an Altenew Educator, allowed me to do a workshop prior to this one for practice during her regular Free Saturday Workshop time. She was so very helpful troubleshooting on Zoom and with other technical questions.

Card Technique #3: Letterpress

Many of the ladies who joined my workshop are on their AECP journey or have finished already. I also had a dear friend from back home in Oregon join us to stamp as well. After everyone did a quick introduction, I talked everyone through 3 techniques with embossing folders. We did scribble and emboss, stencil over an embossed image, and a letterpress technique. Everyone created beautiful background panels that we then turned into 3 wonderful cards. I briefly shared a bonus technique for them to try on their own. I sent everyone a PDF with instructions and pictures prior to the workshop. If anyone needed extra time to finish a card after the workshop, they had a resource to follow and refer back to.

Bonus Techinque: Emboss Sanding and Gallery Photos

I loved seeing how everyone’s cards turned out and how each is unique. I am so appreciative to all those who have cheered me on during my AECP journey and so grateful for the 8 wonderful creators who joined my workshop to learn some new techniques. I encourage you to step outside of your creative comfort zone to learn or try something new. Happy crafting!!

5 thoughts on “Embossing Folder Fun with Altenew’s Craft Your Life Project Kit

  1. So nice to see all the finished cards.They look amazing! Such a great workshop, April. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Erum Tasneem says:

    April, what an amazing class this was! I had a blast. You are an awesome teacher! All the best for your future and good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Virginia Lu says:

    You knocked this workshop out of the ball park, April! Like all of your participants, I had a fabulous time watching, observing and learning this workshop on embossing folders. You make it informative, interesting and engaging. What an amazing post about the AECP journey! Your post truly shows how knowledgeable and skillful you are! Your workshop was a DELIGHT to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed your various ways of using embossing folders. Each technique is artful and beautifully demonstrated.Congratulations on this huge milestone, April! We look forward to seeing your giving more Altenew workshops in the near future.

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  4. purink94 says:

    Congrats! Beautiful cards!

    Liked by 1 person

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